Welcome to our new store!

January 16, 2016 Karen Oxley

We are excited to launch our new online marketplace, hosted by Shopify! With this new launch, we are thrilled to highlight two things:

1) We have new items! In addition to our unisex #vegan t-shirts and #veganathlete tank tops, check out our new line of women's cut #vegan t-shirts and tank tops! AND... our new #vegan hoodies. They're awesome!

2) Our international customers can now order from the same place as our USA customers! This is a huge development, and we are so relieved to have a one-stop shop up and running for everyone, regardless of what country you happen to reside in. :)

Of course, as with all things new, there may be some kinks to work out at the beginning, so please let us know if something seems off or doesn't work for you. You can email us at

Thanks for your support!

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